Everyone has a story. Let me tell yours.

I’ve always been fascinated by the “renaissance man.” Like my multi-faceted heroes (from Leonardo da Vinci to Bruce Lee), I have dedicated myself to understanding the breadth of human experience. I focus on the expression of that experience through a variety of creative media.

I’m happiest when solving problems and learning new things, so I’m eager to help you unravel your dilemmas, voice your thoughts, and discover your connection to those around you, be they clients, neighbors, friends or family. From brainstorm to finished product, boardroom to classroom, I emphasize expanding horizons while bringing people closer together.


From basic proofreading to branding, if it involves the written word, I can help

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A talented and critically-acclaimed actor, I specialize in physical, devised, and collaborative theater forms

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I teach movement to and for actors: variety skills (juggling, etc.), mask, and physical characterization

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Current and Recent Projects